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Secured Business Loan

Get the funds required to support your business

Our Secured Business Loan provides borrowers with an opportunity to access the funding their business crucially needs. At Adelpha we believe business is personal, we take the time to look at the people behind the business, their experience and make a commercial decision based on the merits of the entire lending proposal. Borrowers can be from new-start businesses to well established and highly profitable buesinesses.

Key features:

  • Quick loan application turnaround

  • Finance up to £500,000

  • Loan is secured against suitable property (1st, 2nd or 3rd charge) and not the business assets 

  • Fixed interest rates so you know what you pay upfront 

  • Flexible repayments from one to five years that are tailored to your likely business cash flow or needs

  • Deal direct with a dedicated account manager 

Why choose an Adelpha Secured Business Loan?

Lend up to £500,000

Lend from £1,000 | Adelpha Capital

Fast decisions

Fast lending decisions | Adelpha Capita

We say "Yes" more often

A real person decides on your application | Adelpha Capital

Friendly service

Approachable and friendly service | Adelpha Capital

Transparent fixed costs

Transparent costs with no surprise | Adelpha Capital

Access further advances

Access repeat funding | Adepha Capital

Our Secured Business Loan is designed to be a simple and fair form of business finance . You could receive between £25,000 and £500,000. Your business cash-flows will not be interrupted as the Secured Business Loan is repaid in a number of ways to suit your business needs. Potential options include; a single repayment at maturity, a monthly interest only payment with principal repaid at maturity or a monthly repayment of principal and interest to ensure the loan has amortised by maturity.

The Secured Business Loan is secured by property, usually a director's home. Adelpha does not place restrictions on how you spend the advanced funds in your business as we are here to improve your cash-flow, not run your business.

Banks can take a long time to make a decision on a loan application and typically adopt a rigid underwriting approach. Adelpha has no lengthy application process, once you have provided us with the information we need, you can have an approval in principle within a two working days.

Who can apply for a Secured Business Loan?

A Secured Business Loan is available to businesses that are registered and based in England & Wales. Security will need to be taken over a suitable property with sufficient equity available to cover the outstanding loan

​Some of the benefits are:

  • Apply in minutes for £25,000 – £500,000 and get a decision in principal within two working days

  • A simple and hassle-free application with a high approval rate

  • Repayments tailored to match your business cash-flows

  • Fixed rate funding so you know your costs upfront

  • A direct point of contact who will keep you informed throughout the application process

How does it work?

Need more details? Speak to a real person

Our dedicated account managers are here to help. Contact us by phone or email

Our Secured Business Loan is an advance of cash you can repay over up to 5 years.

Repayments are tailored to your business cash-flows. A Secured Business Loan is secured against suitable property which is typically a director's home. Other residential properties are acceptable as well as Semi-Commercial and Commercial properties. We do not require a debenture over your business assets but will require a personal guarantee, which should not be a problem given we deal with small business in which owners have a personal stake and believe in the business’s future.

A Secured Business Loan is a boost of funds to help your business .

​1. Apply

It's easy to apply. Simply complete our secure online application form. Initially, we only require basic information like your contact details and company name.

2. Quick Call

We will arrange for an account manager to speak with you. We have extensive experience working with small businesses and this conversation enables us to better understand your business and funding requirements. Indicative loan terms will then be provided after this call.

​3. Underwriting

Once you have supplied any requested information, we aim to make a decision in principal offer to an eligible business within a business day. 

4. Property Due Diligence

Upon payment of a valuation fee, a valuer will value the property being secured, and, if applicable, we will also contact the prior charge holder(s) for consent for a charge.

5. Legals

Subject to satisfactory valuation and receipt of consent, we then finalise our underwriting and issue the legal documentation in respect of the funding. You are required to take independent legal advice. Once you have reviewed the documents with your solicitor, you will need to sign and return them.

6. Funding

After receipt of all the signed documents, we will perform any final checks and release the agreed funds. 

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