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Secured Business Finance

Our Secured Business Finance is lending that is supported by a charge over an asset which is typically a property. The finance can be up to 75% of the value of equity in the asset with charges ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd considered.


Finance can be from £5,000 up to £250,000 and can be used for any business purpose with repayment terms 3 months up to 7 years. The repayment terms are agreed to match a borrower's business cashflows which could be interest only with a bullet capital repayment, seasonal payments, payment holidays or fully amortising profile. Borrowers can be from new-start businesses up to well established and highly profitable businesses.

  • Funding from £5,000 - £250,000

  • Lend up to 75% of asset value with 1st, 2nd and 3rd charges considered

  • Flexible repayments from 3 months to 7 years that are tailored to your cash flow

Secured Equipment Leasing

Our Secured Equipment Leasing offers clients an alternative repayment solution to the significant investment of outright equipment purchases with the cost spread over the term of the lease. Leasing can be VAT efficient and repayments can be tax deductible which reduces the overall cost. 

Secured Equipment Leasing is available for most asset types including second hand equipment, certain building works and intangible assets such as software. The leases can be structured to offer:

  • Sale and leaseback route when the equipment is already owned

  • A multi tranche payout where there are multiple suppliers and different invoice dates

  • pay-outs prior to delivery

  • Leases from $5,000 to £250,000

  • Fixed rates

  • Low initial payments available

  • Flexible repayments from 3 months to 7 years that are tailored to your cash flow

Business Cash Advance

Our Business Cash Advance is a simple way to raise finance so you can stay focused on running your business. You can use the funds for any business purpose you choose such as managing seasonal cashflows, finding a stock opportunity, or a new marketing campaign. Our flexible repayment approach allows you to tailor payments according to your business cash flows. We are able to make further advances so we can continue to be an important part in meeting your ongoing business funding needs.

  • Funding from £1,000 - £30,000

  • A fair price based on your business

  • Funding in as little as 48 hours

  • Flexible repayments that are tailored to your cash flow

Tailored Funding Solution

If you require a more tailored funding solution, Adelpha can help you secure funding from our extensive network of specialist lenders, investors and business angels.

We invest the time required to understand your funding needs and fully understand any issues. We will find the most appropriate solution and save you time and effort you have to commit in reaching a successful outcome. The range of funding solutions can include equity, unsecured finance or asset backed finance such as invoice discounting, asset finance, leasing, or trade finance. 

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